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La Semaine du Goût ® is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

In a few words, can you remind us what the Semaine du Goût is?

The Semaine du Goût is the leading event in France for educating people about taste and eating well.
It is the meeting of professionals, from the earth to the plate, along with their target audiences:

  • children in nursery and primary school, with lessons in taste: 200,000 children have been receiving a Taste Lesson every year for 30 years

  • Students in universities and the grandes écoles with the “Chefs sur le Campus” (Chefs on campus) initiative: 20 selected campuses will host chefs to teach them how to eat well on a small budget

  • Future catering professionals with the “Rencontre des chefs de demain” (Meeting of future chefs}: 400 young people from apprenticeship training centres (CFA) and Lycées hôteliers (catering schools) who share their skills and experience in gastronomic excellence and an “innovation” component with the sector’s start-ups.

All those involved, from the earth to the plate, are welcome to take part in this scheme, offering original initiatives for their audiences. So, each initiative joins a programme that we promote, via our digital channels, via PR initiatives, media partnerships and through the platform of our partner, MAPSTR.

The Semaine du Goût is 30 years old this year. What is the theme of this anniversary edition and what are its new features?

The main new feature is “Foodies connection”. This is an event in Paris linked to the regions that is for families and millennials. This new event is designed in collaboration with partners to learn, understand, invent and explore taste and current and future dietary habits.
Inspirational lectures and debates, experiments, workshops and a big shared night-time signature meal are already in preparation for this anniversary event to be held on 11 and 12 October. The place is still a secret 😉

The Semaine du Goût is an important asset for the Hopscotch group. How does Hopscotch leave its mark?

Hopscotch launched, with SOPEXA, the Fondation pour l’Innovation & la Transmission du Goût under the aegis of the Fondation Agir contre l’exclusion, to help reduce good inequality and exclusion. The services offered to the community during the Semaine du Goût are now carried out by the Foundation. The Leçons de Goût in schools run with the help of the sponsor, Fondation d’entreprise Michelin
The Foundation also brings together players from the earth to the plate, who are involved transforming society to find solutions so people can eat better: for the environment, for health and for a fair price for food. Concrete actions are carried out based on prospective clusters coordinated by the Foundation, on social issues such as “eating well on a low budget”, supported by the sponsor, Auchan Retail, “what food will be available in cities in the future”, led by NOVAXIA and Bouygues Immo, etc.

How can I join the Semaine du Goût programme?

Register directly on our website and contact us directly at: Sophie Gerstenhaber

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