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The Heavent Awards’ Hopscotch Event finalist for the Nissan electric ecosystem experience event 

Hopscotch has come up with a unique immersive event for the European launch of the new 100% electric Leaf. This event allowed us to capitalise on the presentation of the entire electric ecosystem of the brand by sharing the Nissan intelligent mobility vision.
The volcanic island of Tenerife was the testing ground for 380 guests, journalists, influencers, owners, dealers and internal audiences for the brand. Hopscotch designed a 100% immersive experience that perfectly illustrates the integration of the entire Nissan electrical ecosystem into everyday life in order to share the Intelligent mobility Nissan Vision. A pop-up hotel has been specially created in unique bioclimatic houses, self-sufficient homes that create 100% of their energy needs, on the first European solar panel and wind turbine platform. The capabilities of the Nissan electric vehicle were demonstrated during a 200-kilometre climb of the 3rd highest volcano in the world, culminating at over 2,000 metres in altitude.

More than just a launch event, Hopscotch designed an immersive experience in the heart of Nissan smart City.

See you on 28 March for the results!