The ŠKODA We Love Cycling Clubs program created by Hopscotch Event, voted best external event by the COM-ENT panel.

Hopscotch Event, a specialist in communications through events in the HOPSCOTCH group, was rewarded by the COM-ENT panel on 22 November for the creation of the ŠKODA We Love Cycling clubs programme, a unique activation for ŠKODA to continue its growth in cycling in France.

In 2018, Hopscotch Event created for ŠKODA – a historic partner of the Tour de France – a community cycling programme unique in France: the ŠKODA We Love Cycling Clubs. 13 clubs in France, 1 per region, aimed at fostering a sense of belonging to their club among members. In addition to these clubs, a ŠKODA Team by discipline (mountain biking, road, triathlon) where members can progress and take part in races alongside legends in the discipline.

Just six months after the launch of this programme, the clubs already have over 6,600 members, have travelled over 4.1 million kilometres, and 2,000 applications have been sent to join one of the ŠKODA teams. A strong and committed community that is sensitive and attentive to the brand’s values.

“Sharing, conviviality, a passion for cycling and a community spirit are at the heart of this programme, created by Hopscotch Event for ŠKODA. This activation enables ŠKODA to increase awareness and promote strong values. “An operation that we are proud to continue in 2019” – Anne-Sophie Azzopardi, associate director at Hopscotch Event.

“With the community programme of the ŠKODA We Love Cycling Clubs, the brand continues to assert its legitimacy in addressing cyclists, while always respecting its values: conviviality and sharing. We are particularly excited about continuing to promote the Clubs whose community will continue to grow in coming months.” Anna Gourovitch, events and sponsoring manager of ŠKODA France.

The ŠKODA We Love Cycling Clubs programme was recognised as the best external event by the COM-ENT panel on 22 November.