The Hopscotch prize list at the Grand Prix Stratégies des communications

On September 21st, the Grand Prix Stratégies de la communication was awarded.

Organized for more than 30 years by Stratégies, the leading French media in the field of communication, advertising, media and marketing and open to brands and agencies.

This prize allowed Hopscotch Event and Sopexa‘s teams to be rewarded: one prize won at the Grand Prix Stratégies de la communication and 2 prizes at the Grand Prix Stratégies de la communication événementielle.

Gold for Sopexa and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

Sopexa and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food win the Grand Prix in the category of external editorial communication support or device for Taste France Magazine

The Taste France Magazine platform was launched in July 2020 and designed at the request of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food with the aim of giving an accessible and positive image of French gastronomy and products abroad.

Available in 6 languages (English -UK and US-, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and French), the platform is not only a website but a real digital ecosystem present on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Wechat in order to create and nurture an authentic community of foodies worldwide.

Discover Taste France Magazine

Silver for Hopscotch Event and Nissan

Hopscotch Event and Nissan win the SILVER in the category immersive event communication devices for the realization ” Nissan Qashqai Unveil “.

For the launch of its new Qashqai at the beginning of 2021, the Nissan brand has chosen an original 100% digital format with a video produced in the manner of series and films thanks to the use of a curved LED screen 22 meters long and 5 meters high with a tracking system.

A sequence shot in several different virtual environments featuring the vehicle and the brand’s contributors with numerous extras and sets that added to the realism of the sequences.

The 14-minute video has generated over 250,000 views on YouTube.

See the video

Bronze for Hopscotch Event and Nissan

Hopscotch Event and Nissan win the BRONZE in the category BtoB communication events for the realization of the “Nissan Ariya Digital Convention”.

For the launch and the presentation of the new logo and the new model Ariya to the Nissan distributors in Europe, a video of presentation in virtual decor and augmented reality was created by taking the decor of Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama where took place the physical reveal.

The video was shot on a green background, allowing the addition of a virtual set, representing almost identical views of the Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama, following plans and photos of the spaces and a vehicle entirely modeled on the basis of the files transmitted by the designers of Nissan.

Congratulations to our brilliant teams and thank you to our customers for their trust.

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