HOPSCOTCH Sopexa has developped “BloomUp”, a campaign for Loire Valley Wines

Hopscotch Sopexa has developped “BloomUp“, the transversal creative concept of Loire Valley Wines new 360° promotional campaign on all markets.

The communications strategy has been designed to meet the social and societal aspirations of both experienced consumers and young adults in search of simplicity and accessibility. The creative key visuals of the Bloom Up campaign are a nod to the floral and fruity notes of Loire Valley Wines, to the individual blossoming of consumers and to the ecofriendly development of wines in the target markets

The transversal concept has been customized in two original creative expressions: “The Blooming Notes” and “Go On! Bloom Big”, deployed by Hopscotch Sopexa on the Canadian, Australian, Belgian, US and UK markets.