The 9th edition of the meeting #ChefsdeDemain

The 9th edition of the meeting “chefs of tomorrow”, organized by the Fondation pour l’Innovation et la Transmission du Goût, was held the 25th and 26th November 2020 at the Guillaume Tirel High School in Paris. And digitally the 25th, across France, for the first time since it has been created.  

This meeting intends to make the futures professionals of hotel school and CFA (cooking and waiting staff) meet the actual professionals of those sectors.  

This year, a double program was set up. In Paris, 220 students of the Guillaume Tirel High School assisted at experimental workshop and great testimonies of professionals. And 26 establishments were connected in live at the same time, allowing 350 students across France to reproduce the workshops with their professors.  

During those two days, 98 workshops were held whose 7 of them were thematized and animated by famous chefs but also influencers of the French hotel and culinary sector : 
– Glasses tasting with Philippe Faure Brac (World’s best sommelier 1992)
– The fish in different cooking with Franck Joly (Formation chef at the Guillaume Tirel High School) and Jérôme Léoty (La Coupole’s Chef)
– Build your drinks offer with Stéphane Moesle, (Monin drinks expert)
– This is poultry ! with Mallory Gabsi (ambassador chef of the campaign and TOP CHEF 2020 semi-finalist)Thierry Colas (Lazare’s chef) and Ayari Issam (Second-in-command at the Palace’s restaurant Lutetia*****)
– Vegetables 
– Pasta with the chef François Bury (member of the piloting comity)
– Chocolate children memories 
– “Grands Témoins” with Anto Cocagne (Home chef and Laureate of the Cuillère d’Or in 2018), Denis Courtiade (World’s Best Floor Manager 2018), Joseph Desserprix (Abeille du Shangri-La Hotel restaurant’s director) et Joël Veyssière (Hôtel du Collectionneur’s chef *****) 

In presence of the members of the piloting comity 2020:  

– Anto Cocagne, Home Chef, Cuillère d’Or 2018  

– Jean-François Bury, Cabane’s Chef and World’s Champion of Caterer 2015)  

– Philippe Faure-BracWorld’s best Sommelier 1992  

– Denis CourtiadeWorld’s best Floor Manager 2018  


In presence of quality witnesses such as: 

– Joseph Desserprix, La Scène’s Floor Director (Chef Stéphanie Le Quellec 

– Joël Veyssière, L’Hôtel du Collectionneur’s restaurant chef*****  

– Pierre Sang, Top Chef 2011’s finalist, at the head of multiple restaurants in Paris  

– Zachary Lebel, France Dessert Junior Champion 2020  

– Gaël Reigner, France Dessert Junio Champion 2018   

– Vincent CabelSilver Dessert Junior 2017  

Finally, the YouTube Channel of the Foundation was created so that the videos of those two days can be available for the main stream.