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  • Continuous innovation

    At the forefront of the relationship economy,
    we are perfectly at ease in the movement.

    We are permanently innovating so that we can design worthwhile, relevant
    relationships between our clients and their audiences. We listen carefully to
    these audiences and identify new lifestyles. We embrace the most creative
    technologies and offer an incubation programme to promising start-ups.
    We mobilise the hottest artists and latest ideas. Our expert staff take
    on hybrid roles so they are constantly developing and enriching our
    portfolio of expertise. We love challenging ourselves so that we always go above and beyond.

  • Global Responsibility

    We support societal change through our commitment
    to sustainable growth.

    Acteur pionnier de l’adoption d’une démarche RSE par les métiers de la communication,
    nous intégrons à notre modèle d’affaire les enjeux sociaux,
    sociétaux et environnementaux – HOPSCOTCH Group a décroché l’exigeante
    certification ISO 20121 pour des événements responsables. Conscient de
    l’aspiration des publics à une consommation plus citoyenne, nous aidons nos
    clients à valoriser leurs propres engagements RSE.
    Pioneers in the communication sector for taking a CSR approach, we integrate our
    business model with social, societal and environmental issues – HOPSCOTCH Group
    has achieved the ISO 20121 certification for our responsible events.
    Conscious of the public’s aspiration to consume more carefully, we help
    our clients value their own CSR commitments.

  • Entrepreneurial Freedom

    We promote the autonomy of each member of our staff by
    cultivating trust among all.

    We are convinced that our teams perform well because they all have
    the freedom to take initiatives, and we work hard to ensure cooperation
    among them as a whole. This kind of set-up is at the core of the
    business we have designed. By promoting diversity among our talented co-workers
    and interchanging competencies. By ensuring that every member of staff can
    grow and develop in a safe environment. By supporting collaborative practices
    and the position of intrapreneurs. Lastly, by focusing on a generous and
    demanding relationship with each of our clients.

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