Jacques-Olivier BronerManaging Director, Hopscotch agency - Hopscotch Groupe

Jacques-Olivier Broner
Managing Director, Hopscotch agency

As Managing Director of Hopscotch agency, Jacques-Olivier Broner uses his
experience of 360° communication, his feel for inventive strategies and his
taste for surprising events, to the benefit of his clients.
Jacques-Olivier has a first career in the music world. After starting an
independent record label, and studying at HEC business school, he joined
the Epic record label (part of Sony Music) as director of marketing in 1992.
A few years later he became Deputy CEO of Universal Music. In this role he
managed, among others, the careers of French artists NTM and Pascal
Obispo, and coordinated the European marketing for Michael Jackson and
Jacques-Olivier created Rouge alongside the singer Gérald de Palmas in
1999. It started as a marketing agency for the music industry and then, in
2001, it drastically broadened its scope and became the agency for
“revolutionary solutions”: or as he mischievously explains it, a cross between
“Lenin and Lennon.”
His experience of brand content, storytelling and events acquired behind the
scenes with celebrities means he can offer unique, efficient solutions to his
clients. Rouge counts X Box, Orange, PSG and Whirlpool among their main
In October 2015, Rouge joined HOPSCOTCH Group, and a few months
later, Jacques-Olivier took reins of Hopscotch, the group’s main agency,
alongside Nathalie Bernard. He likes to know the “why” behind a client’s
needs, enabling the emergence of a truly pertinent communication strategy.
When he isn’t playing the drums, Jacques-Olivier dedicates his free time to
the epistemology applied to Simpson.