Jérôme DelaveauManaging Director, Human to Human - Hopscotch Groupe

Jérôme Delaveau
Managing Director, Human to Human

Managing Director and co-founder of Human to Human, Jérôme Delaveau
combines his expert experience of the Internet and his taste for innovation to
support his clients with their corporate communication.
In fact, Human to Human was born in 2003 out of the desire to cause
disruption. The first conversations between consumers, about brands, began
appearing on internet forums. “It was an incredible thing to follow,” says
Jérôme. “There was an opportunity to better understand consumers, and
more importantly new conversations to be had.” He co-founded Human to
Human in 2003 and today claims responsibility for a “corporate hacking”
approach. The aim: to allow PR strategies and the words of managers to be
freed, in order to respond to consumers’ increasingly more socially
conscious expectations. Human to Human joined the Group in 2010 and
their notable clients include the Michelin group, E.Leclerc, Kering Group and
RATP (Parisian Transport).
With a Masters in Marketing from the University of Orleans, Jerome started
his career in 2000 in the marketing department at Atoll.
He professes a love of eating and drinking with friends - a pursuit which he
balances out with thai boxing, which he has practiced for some years.