Marie de BeauregardHuman Resources Director at Hopscotch Group - Hopscotch Groupe

Marie de Beauregard
Human Resources Director at Hopscotch Group

As Hopscotch Group’s HR Director, Marie de Beauregard values the trust
she builds up with managers and teams above all else: all the better to
support them both day-to- day and in their development projects. She enjoys
discovering and adopting innovative new working practices.
Marie started her career in 2002 as part of the Accor group as an HR studies
officer. She then joined Club Med in 2005, where, over eleven years she had
various different management positions: first as HR Manager at the Head
office, then HR Director for New Markets in Europe and Africa and lastly as
Director of HR and HR support at the Head office.
She joined Hopscotch in 2016, as she was attracted by the Group’s strong
entrepreneurial spirit and openness to new working practices, which, in her
own words, allow “beautiful relationships” to blossom. This openness is
demonstrated by the collaborative structure of our Parisian hub and our
attention to, and support of, the start-up world, not forgetting our annual
Revolution@Work event created in 2016 for Paris La Défense.
Marie studied at the Sorbonne and the University of Glasgow and has a
Masters in HR Management from Paris-Dauphine. After having travelled
extensively and taken part in a humanitarian mission to Cambodia, Marie
now appreciates weekends getting back to ‘nature’ with her family at their
house in the country!