Nathalie BernardManaging Director, Hopscotch agency - Hopscotch Groupe

Nathalie Bernard
Managing Director, Hopscotch agency

Managing Director and co-founder of Hopscotch agency, Nathalie Bernard
offers up her PR experience and digital strategies expertise to each of her
clients. She also manages the teams so that each project has its own
“dream-team” for both creative and operational purposes.
With degrees in business from Marseille and PR from CELSA Paris, Nathalie
has spent her whole career in the sphere of influence within PR and
communication. Following her years of dancing, where she was attracted as
much by what went on behind the scenes as on stage, she loves “to put
others in the limelight”: both her clients, of course, but also her co-workers,
as she enjoys helping them grow.
After six years with Trimedia, in 1992 she joined GCI (Cohn & Wolfe today),
where she became an associate director.
In 2000 she co-founded Hopscotch, which merged with Public System in
2010 and shared its name with the Group in 2015.
As an agency, Hopscotch’s vocation is to embrace the communications
industry’s digital revolution as the Internet becomes a tool for the public at
large.An influencer’s project for Sephora, designing an intranet for L'Oréal or
launching the first travel blogs platform: the agency has been working on
innovative projects since the 2000s.
This same inspiration still motivates Nathalie today, she remains at
Hopscotch and now co-manages with Jacques-Olivier Broner, counting
Microsoft, Renault Nissan and the Curie Institute among their loyal clients.
Nathalie still loves dance shows - classic or contemporary- enjoys reading,
DIY and growing things in her garden.