Pierre-Franck MoleyAssociate/Managing Director and member of the Management Board. - Hopscotch Groupe

Pierre-Franck Moley
Associate/Managing Director and member of the Management Board.

Deputy Managing Director and member of the Management Board, Pierre-
Franck Moley manages the growth and consolidation strategy of
HOPSCOTCH Groupe. He also supervises the HR, IT and Financial
In 1999, Pierre-Franck joined the group managers – and longtime friends –
Frédéric Bedin and Benoît Désveaux and supported them to get listed on the
stock exchange.
One year later, he embarked on the adventure and became associate.
Pierre Franck has a Master in Finance from the University of Assas and
used to be a consultant at ERNST & YOUNG in charge of auditing,
takeovers and mergers. He also managed for six years an industrial
electricity company based in the Vosges. Pierre Franck added to the

company’s growth as a result of his solid expertise in financial strategies, his
“doer” attitude, his capacity to take calculated risks and his taste for human
He also designed the union of all the group agencies in a highly innovative
building with a cutting edge design and fostering co-working in Bourse
neighborhood in Paris. Today, he is committed to the international radiance
and duration of Hopscotch.
Pierre Franck draws energy from nature and precisely at his house in
Sologne where he looks after his hives, harvests forest honey, plants and