Sophie NoëlManaging Director of heaven - Hopscotch Groupe

Sophie Noël
Managing Director of heaven

As Managing Director, Sophie combines her work ethic with her taste for
beautiful stories to co-lead strategy, manage sales teams and advise
heaven’s clients.
As a fan of literature, who graduated from Sciences-Po Grenoble in 1999,
Sophie almost chose a career in publishing. At the same time she was also
interested in the possibilities arising from new communication technologies
and their promise to bring about new types of narrative. She gained a
Masters from Celsa and started work for Edelman France, which quickly led
her to meeting Diane Leray-Lemoine and Arthur Kannas. These two were
also fascinated by the Internet and began the process of launching heaven.
Sophie was the agency’s first employee and soon after, the third partner.
Heaven established itself as one of the most creative players on the digital
influence market: they had the first influencer and community manager
programmes, grew very quickly and joined the group in 2009 to continue
growing further. The agency’s clients include Samsung (“Unleash your
finger”), Jean-Paul Gauthier and Peugeot. Sophie doesn’t like to be bored
and so took an MBA at HEC from 2013 to 2015 with a view to expanding her
entrepreneurial vision and refining her (benevolent) management skills.
Sophie is also involved with an association that works with hospitals,
and still finds time to take care of her large family; although she doesn’t have
quite enough time to discover as many new American writers as she’d like.