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Who we are ?


We design truly worthwhile relationships
for each of our clientsand all their
audiences - in France & around the world.

Hopscotch is a global
communications group.

Our Vocation

we design engaging & long-lasting relationships between new audiences and the brands, companies and institutions we support.

Our Vision

We reinvent marketing and communication in the era of the relationship economy.
We cross conversations, experiences and events for high impact reception.
We reinvent ourselves constantly.
By prioritising co-construction with our clients and taking on every issue with absolutely no preconceived ideas.
By aligning all professions.
By collaborating with all major sectors in the economy.
By intensifying our worldwide network: we are now present in over 60 countries.
With more than 550 passionate colleagues, connected by a start-up spirit, affiliated to a Parisian hub at the crossroads of the arts, media, digital and business sectors, Hopscotch Group is experiencing continuous steady growth.

Start-up spirit since 1968

For 50 years, Hopscotch has been reinventing Global PR
for truly innovative communication.

Creating the American Film Festival to promote Deauville. Welcoming 1.2 million Catholics for WYD in 1998. Organising the first influencer campaigns in France for Sephora and Xbox. Sending the Samsung slogan “unleash your finger” viral. Running ‘taste week’ to promote “healthy eating”. Inviting large companies and local communities to discuss environmental solutions during our Solution Cop 21 event at the Grand Palais. HOPSCOTCH Group’s history is littered with pioneering moments:
they are our proudest memories and inspire us to continuously keep inventing with you.
Although Hopscotch has been innovating since 1968, we are still guided by the same intuition -
in the era of therelationship economy, the best ambassadors to communicate a brand, business or institution are their own audience.
Question: which conversation shall we launch? Which event are we going to create? Which communities shall we bring together? In short, what context can we create for you to achieve exceptional relationships with your audiences?

Our Talents

HOPSCOTCH Group brings together 550 talented workers
- encompassing all professions within innovative communication.

Worldwide, our consultants, digital strategists and artistic directors, strategic planners, producers and creative technologists discuss, brainstorm and work together to create worthwhile, long-lasting links with each of your audiences.

12 Portraits of ComOp members

hopscotch talent Frédéric Bedin<br>Managing Director and President of the Management Board
hopscotch talent Pierre-Franck Moley<br />
Managing Director and member of the Management Board.
hopscotch talent Benoît Désveaux<br>Managing Director and member of the Management Board
hopscotch talent Valérie Bonnement<br>Deputy General Manager of Hopscotch Groupe and Member of the<br>Management Board of Sopexa
hopscotch talent Nathalie Bernard<br>Managing Director, Hopscotch agency
hopscotch talent Olivier Cassedanne<br>Managing Director of Hopscotch Conferences
hopscotch talent Jérôme Delaveau<br>Managing Director, Human to Human
hopscotch talent Jacques-Olivier Broner<br>Managing Director, Hopscotch agency
hopscotch talent Sophie Noël<br>Managing Director of heaven
hopscotch talent Arthur Kannas<br>Managing Director and Co-founder of heaven
hopscotch talent Diane Leray-Lemoine<br>Secretary General of Hopscotch Groupe
hopscotch talent Marie de Beauregard<br>Human Resources Director at Hopscotch Group

Our values

  • Continuous innovation

    At the forefront of the relationship economy,
    we are perfectly at ease in the movement.

    We are permanently innovating so that we can design worthwhile, relevant
    relationships between our clients and their audiences. We listen carefully to
    these audiences and identify new lifestyles. We embrace the most creative
    technologies and offer an incubation programme to promising start-ups.
    We mobilise the hottest artists and latest ideas. Our expert staff take
    on hybrid roles so they are constantly developing and enriching our
    portfolio of expertise. We love challenging ourselves so that we always go above and beyond.

  • Global Responsibility

    We support societal change through our commitment
    to sustainable growth.

    Acteur pionnier de l’adoption d’une démarche RSE par les métiers de la communication,
    nous intégrons à notre modèle d’affaire les enjeux sociaux,
    sociétaux et environnementaux - HOPSCOTCH Group a décroché l’exigeante
    certification ISO 20121 pour des événements responsables. Conscient de
    l’aspiration des publics à une consommation plus citoyenne, nous aidons nos
    clients à valoriser leurs propres engagements RSE.
    Pioneers in the communication sector for taking a CSR approach, we integrate our
    business model with social, societal and environmental issues - HOPSCOTCH Group
    has achieved the ISO 20121 certification for our responsible events.
    Conscious of the public’s aspiration to consume more carefully, we help
    our clients value their own CSR commitments.

  • Entrepreneurial Freedom

    We promote the autonomy of each member of our staff by
    cultivating trust among all.

    We are convinced that our teams perform well because they all have
    the freedom to take initiatives, and we work hard to ensure cooperation
    among them as a whole. This kind of set-up is at the core of the
    business we have designed. By promoting diversity among our talented co-workers
    and interchanging competencies. By ensuring that every member of staff can
    grow and develop in a safe environment. By supporting collaborative practices
    and the position of intrapreneurs. Lastly, by focusing on a generous and
    demanding relationship with each of our clients.

manifeste hopscotch

HOPSCOTCH Group, Pioneers of the relationship economy

The core of today’s economy is driven by the scope of relationships. Organisations who succeed in current times are those who prove themselves capable of designing powerful, sustainable relationships with their audiences, their colleagues and society as a whole. HOPSCOTCH Group, and all our agencies, have been dedicated to the idea of innovative communication since we first started: Relationships Built by Design.


Less messages,
more conversations

At the turn of the 21st century, new words appeared, challenging the traditional lexicon of communication.
The singularity of experience, global conversation and emerging community have replaced the vocabulary of the old economy. HOPSCOTCH Group is guided by these words, they are the core of new businesses and confirm our fundamental intuition.


(to cultivate)
rather than goods
(to consume)

The links to be cultivated must now play a key role within the global economy. With the digital revolution of the 2000s, society gleaned a new way of functioning; from an economy focused on production and the quest for comfort, we moved to a society more interested in self-fulfilment and relationship matters.



Our contemporaries turned their backs on the idea of the passive consumer, and new “educated, equipped, connected” individuals emerged with a “desire and power to act.” The relationship economy became the best way to create value.


I link,
therefore I am

The relationship economy sets the scene for “equipped” individuals to create free, symmetrical rapports between them in perpetual evolution. Each real relationship energises and changes the individuals within it. It paves the way for communities and is a source of self-fulfillment. “I link, therefore I am” is truly our new motto.


3 values
for emergence
and belonging

Persuasion is over, now we foster attachment according to three principles: Continuous innovation, by listening attentively to detailed, free-flowing interactions. Global Responsibility through important societal commitments to raise awareness. Entrepreneurial Freedom to align with the desire for creativity.


Hopscotch Group:
truly worthwhile

The desire to create meaningful relationships is written in our DNA. For 50 years we have been offering innovative communications solutions to our clients, dedicated to leisure communities rather crowds of consumers. We create a common emotion and stimulate the sharing of captivating stories.


Which strategy
for your relational

HOPSCOTCH Group, is the global super-agency in the new relationship economy. Motivated by an entrepreneurial philosophy, located in an innovative, collaborative hub at the heart of Silicon Sentier, Paris, we support our clients with their desire to be part of the conversation.

Our expertises

Hopscotch works with a wide range of businesses dedicated to building strong relationships through strategies that result in engaging campaigns for each of your audiences. With over 800 employees and expertise ranging from digital to event and PR, we are mixing our expertises, our methods and our talents to activate all your audiences and all your communities.

Our business expertises :


Our sectoral expertises :