Who we are?
Pioneers of the relationship economy

The core of today’s economy is driven by the scope of relationships. Organisations who succeed in current times are those who prove themselves capable of designing powerful, sustainable relationships with their audiences, their colleagues and society as a whole. HOPSCOTCH Group, and all our agencies, have been dedicated to the idea of innovative communication since we first started: Global PR.


Less messages, more conversations

At the turn of the 21st century, new words appeared, challenging the traditional lexicon of communication.
The singularity of experience, global conversation and emerging community have replaced the vocabulary of the old economy. HOPSCOTCH Group is guided by these words, they are the core of new businesses and confirm our fundamental intuition.


(to cultivate) rather than goods (to consume)

The links to be cultivated must now play a key role within the global economy.
With the digital revolution of the 2000s, society gleaned a new way of functioning; from an economy focused on production and the quest for comfort, we moved to a society more interested in self-fulfilment and relationship matters.


Audiences new-found power

Our contemporaries turned their backs on the idea of the passive consumer, and new “educated, equipped, connected” individuals emerged with a “desire and power to act.”
The relationship economy became the best way to create value.


I link therefore I am

The relationship economy sets the scene for “equipped” individuals to create free, symmetrical rapports between them in perpetual evolution. Each real relationship energises and changes the individuals within it. It paves the way for communities and is a source of self-fulfillment. “I link, therefore I am” is truly our new motto.


3 values for emergence and belonging

Persuasion is over, now we foster attachment according to three principles:
Continuous innovation, by listening attentively to detailed, free-flowing interactions.
Global Responsibility through important societal commitments to raise awareness.
Entrepreneurial Freedom to align with the desire for creativity.


Hopscotch Group : Designing trule worthwhile relationship

The desire to create meaningful relationships is written in our DNA.
For 50 years we have been offering innovative communications solutions to our clients, dedicated to leisure communities rather crowds of consumers. We create a common emotion and stimulate the sharing of captivating stories.


Which strategy for your relational capital?

HOPSCOTCH Group, is the global super-agency in the new relationship economy.
Motivated by an entrepreneurial philosophy, located in an innovative, collaborative hub at the heart of Silicon Sentier, Paris, we support our clients with their desire to be part of the conversation.

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Who we are?

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