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Hopscotch PR: create, develop, and protect your relational capital through collaboration. We design relational ecosystems, devising and deploying communication strategies to build, maintain, and promote our clients’ reputations among their intermediaries, influencers, and their end-users. We are in tune with the codes of […]

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Events, where connections are born!   HOPSCOTCH EVENT has been creating memorable, responsible experiences that engage your audiences and build your relational capital for over 50 years. At HOPSCOTCH EVENT, we’re convinced that events – whether digital, hybrid or live – are […]

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For over 30 years, HOPSCOTCH Congrès has been organizing and producing professional congresses, conferences, and trade fairs in the fields of health, scientific research, industry, cybersecurity, and mobility, on both a national and international scale. Our team of experts come together around […]

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Every one of our trips is unique and different, offering a new perspective built on emotion, sharing, discovery, and generosity. We craft each encounter into a powerful moment to be remembered, both for those leaving the event and those arriving. The support […]

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Great adventures begin with good people. That’s how Hopscotch Luxe was born. A remarkable blend of experiences with major luxury brands and a new understanding, combining contemporary art and pop culture. What does that give you? A vibrant team with a PR […]

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Hopscotch Décideurs supports decision makers in building impactful communication based on network intelligence and an understanding of circles of influence. Their expertise has built up over more than 30 years by its Managing Director Patricia Chapelotte. Our challenge is creating a relationship […]

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For over 60 years, Hopscotch Sopexa has been helping companies, brands, local authorities, and institutions in the food, beverage, and lifestyle sectors to develop and implement their international communication and influence strategies. With an integrated network of offices in over 20 countries […]

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Hopscotch Sport is the leading independent communications group dedicated to entertainment and sportainment. It combines three agencies with expertise in designing sports events, consultancy, and communication in sport and e-sport. These are Alizeum, UniTeam, Sport&Co. Alizeum Alizeum is a communications, events, and […]

Learn more is a team dedicated to all forms of transport, and lies at the heart of environmental, social, technical, and technological challenges. Their three areas of expertise are brand strategy, influence, and event experiences.