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From Disposable Event to Recyclable Event

Paris, 1 February

Hopscotch is historically and truly committed to a responsible approach. Back in 2004, it was the 1st agency committed to ANAé, the 1st agency to certify its events, BS8901, now ISO 20121, the 1st agency to formalise a CSR approach in 2011. The following year it became a founding member of the eco-event collective. In November 2018, it was one of the 5% of companies in France that attained Gold level in the Eco Vadis ranking with a score of 67/100. 

Hopscotch has been behind and the operator of more than 2,200 events each year for over 50 years. In addition to the desire to meet the demands and challenges of its customers with ever greater efficiency, Hopscotch’s events teams have long integrated the responsible dimension into the management of event projects, through the use of trusted partners selected according to strict CSR criteria and the adoption of practices to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of events that they organise.
In 2018, Hopscotch’s commitment took on a new dimension, alongside other sector players, as part of the last annual campus, ComInRSE, by signing a mission statement to reduce waste to landfill by 50%, to achieve 100% recycling of the carpet used and to redistribute any food left-over by event caterers, and all by 2025.
The Usine Extraordinaire, a unique opportunity to rise to the challenge and accelerate ambitions
When, in 2017, a large nationwide project arrived at the events teams' office, the aim of which was to serve public interest, the opportunity was perfect for turning this into a real laboratory, putting good, responsible habits into practice

More than 59% of materials are reused or processed
The results are as extraordinary as the (fulfilled) promise of the event: more than 59% of generated waste was reused and processed. With the expert support and logistics of Phénix, Hopscotch succeeded in getting all of the event’s service providers on board with its approach, with a result that had never before been attained for an operation on this scale.
And in the future, we will take this collective approach further

 “On 24 January, we brought together all our service providers, whether they were working on the Usine Extraordinaire or not, at a workshop, the aim of which was to duplicate and improve our CSR best practices. We will work together to decide on commitments and concrete measures to accelerate and strengthen the virtuous circle of CSR applied to events.
On 29 January, we had the pleasure of organising a new event at the Palais des Congrès, which will benefit from what was learned at the Usine Extraordinaire, with an openly declared objective: to strive towards ZERO WASTE. We recovered all the signage, the carpets and the furniture purchased, and donated them to the charity called the Ferme du Bonheur. Isabelle Luoni, purchasing director at Hopscotch, then concluded: What if the disposable event today became recyclable? HOPSCOTCH is ready and up to the challenge.