Hopscotch launches Active Communities

A new approach to PR by affinity, enhanced by data from partner Visibrain.

In line with Hopscotch’s vision of relationships as the new gold corporate currency, Hopscotch PR is launching Active Communities, its venture into conversation mapping and enhancing the Relational Capital of brands and organizations. Active Communities draws on Visibrain data, focusing on LinkedIn, and mobilizes the analytical skills of the Groupe’s social media planning and monitoring specialists. 

With Active Communities, Hopscotch PR’s new expertise in mapping conversations via “affinity communities”, the agency transforms its vision that communication has entered the era of collaboration into a service based on consulting and data for brands and organizations mindful of their Relational Capital.  

This vision of collaboration is based on three principles:  

  • augmented listening, to better understand what preoccupies audiences and link them with affinity communities.
  • monitoring and analysis of communication trends, to implicitly encourage engagement.
  • ideal projection, for a dynamic, forward-looking approach that is as relevant as possible for brands and organizations.


“As internet trends, complex communication and the symmetry of attention grow against a backdrop of media transformation, social network development, and transition through generative AI, we want to continually take the pulse of online conversations through community mapping. This new data-enhanced PR offering, entitled ‘Active Communities’, enables us to identify the various actors surrounding a given topic and to understand relationships of influence while following a logic of collaboration, which fosters authentic engagement and achieves greater impact”, explain Cécile Granat and Charles-Antoine Colomb, Managing Directors of Hopscotch PR. 

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