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HOPSCOTCH PR Launches its Transition(s) Offering Led by Business Leader Gildas Picchi

Paris, February 22, 2023 – Hopscotch PR, the first PR agency to be awarded three stars for the Agences Actives CSR label in July 2023, is launching its Transition(s) offer to bolster its range of support services for relational capital and business transformation. Gildas Picchi has been appointed Business Leader in charge of environmental, social, and business governance matters.

An Appointment That Makes Sense

As Business Leader of the “Transition(s)” offer at Hopscotch PR, Gildas Picchi’s mission will be to create and speed up the agency’s and its clients’ voice and positioning at the heart of the public debate on transition matters, and to promote the commitment of organizations and their contribution to a more sustainable society.

Gildas Picchi brings a wealth of experience from within Hopscotch PR, from advising clients in energy transformation, industry, or environmental transition, to contributing to the working group on continuous improvement of Hopscotch Groupe’s business practices.

Gildas has almost 20 years’ experience in the field of communications and PR, including 11 years with Hopscotch PR, and has worked with a number of companies, institutions, and professional associations. He also led the project to obtain the Agences Actives CSR certification.

“This project combines consultancy, education, and the ongoing transformation of our business practices. It allows me to blend the experience I’ve gained in high-impact issues with what I believe for the benefit our clients and all those who want to take part in this necessary transition,” says Gildas Picchi, Transition(s) Business Leader at Hopscotch PR.

A “Transition(s)” Offer that Underlines the Agency’s Conviction

By creating a “Transition(s)” offer, Hopscotch PR is asserting its ambition to provide sustainable support to its clients and develop benchmark business practices in terms of environmental, social, and societal responsibility across all sectors. This new offer also reflects the agency’s practices in its relationship with the audiences of brands and organizations. These include awareness of reputational risks, genuine commitment on social media, media visibility, language for all, accessible content formats, and control of the environmental footprint of business uses, including digital practices.

“We are proud to announce the appointment of Gildas as head of the Transition(s) offer. This embodies a reality that is already present in the agency’s support for our clients, whether in terms of training in climate issues or responsible governance, editorial content on major CSR topics, or ethical practices to promote an authentic footprint,” commented Cécile Granat and Charles-Antoine Colomb, Managing Directors of Hopscotch PR.

Hopscotch, CSR Pioneer

Hopscotch Groupe has been promoting CSR and impact issues to its ecosystem of clients, partners, and employees for over 20 years, even before the PACTE Act was introduced. Hopscotch has been a forerunner in the sustainable development and environmentally friendly design of both projects and business practices. It holds numerous certifications for societal and environmental commitments, including the Platinum Ecovadis certification, meaningful events such as Solutions COP21, or committed governance and the publication of a CSR report. At Hopscotch PR, this pioneering position is reflected in the three-star Active Agences CSR certification, which was awarded to a PR agency for the first time in July 2023.

“Working with clients and civil society is a fantastic opportunity for Hopscotch Groupe to innovate and support ongoing societal transformation. This lies at the core of our raison d’être. I am particularly proud of Hopscotch PR’s commitment with the launch of this new Transition(s) offer and the appointment of Gildas Picchi, who is very active in these areas, to head it up,” commented Benoît Désveaux, Managing Director of Hopscotch Groupe.