Diane Leray-Lemoine
Secretary General of Hopscotch Groupe

Secretary General, Diane Leray Lemoine maintains, refines and develops ties between the Management, the administrative financial teams and the group agencies. Her scope of action covers office management, financial control and accounts.

Diane graduated from Inserp Communications School in 1996 and started her career with Edelman France. Right from the start, she was intrigued by how the Internet was about to change things in the world of PR. In 1997 she had a hand in creating Edelman Interactive France, an online PR and marketing department, which was re-named heaven in 2001. The following year, Diane and her two associates bought out their Edelman counterparts, and as an independent company, heaven very quickly asserted itself as a “next generation” agency. Diane’s main role was
designing new web tools for crisis communication, in particular for Absolut, Ratp (Parisian Transport) and Nissan. However, about half way through the 2000s, she decided to change her role and, although she remained at heaven: she now dedicates herself to its human, administrative, financial and legal management.

Diane loves a challenge and so she accepted a more senior position in 2016, and became part of Hopscotch Group’s management team – heaven had joined us seven years earlier – helping to create an increasingly more agile organisation.

When she isn’t working, Diane dedicates herself to her family, visits the most beautiful factories near her holiday spots, and still finds a little time to volunteer as a Scout and Guide leader.