BANDE METIERS_Plan de travail 1-09


The new entity « Hopscotch Décideurs » covet to construct and develop the “image and reputation capital” of the CEO in France and all around the world, through a piloted offer by Patricia Chapelotte and completed by the skills of the group. She’ll bring communication global counseling: strategy, media relations, publics affairs, crisis communication, finance communication, legal communication, social media and creation of circle of influence…

Hopscotch Capital activities, directed by Valérie Sicard, will reinforce Hopscotch Décideurs with expertise in the following sectors: counsel, finance, insurance, real estate and publics affairs with Emmanuel Beaurepaire. Hopscotch Décideurs will include the Parisian team of Hopscotch Africa to increase its offer in term of communication counsel dedicated to Africa, whose Patricia Chapelotte owns a strong experience.

“We’re celebrating this acquisition, which should accelerate our strategy for the reinvention of Publics Relations and affirm our leadership at the profit of our client’s relationship capital. Patricia Chapelotte brings her unique experience of relationships with economic and institutional leaders and increase our potential in this domain next to the others agencies of the group.” ,announces Benoît Desveaux, General Director of Hopscotch Group

“I am thrilled, with Hopscotch Decideurs, to give the opportunity to CEO to have a new counsel actor and to bring the network I developed, during 15 years at the head of Albera Conseil, besides publics, institutional, politic, associative and media-friendly spheres. This merge gives us today the opportunity to answer to the needs of great economic actors and international groups”, adds Patricia Chapelotte, General Director of Hopscotch Décideurs