Hopscotch PR: create, develop, and protect your relational capital through collaboration.

We design relational ecosystems, devising and deploying communication strategies to build, maintain, and promote our clients’ reputations among their intermediaries, influencers, and their end-users.

We are in tune with the codes of target communities and changes, we design and deploy content conceived to stimulate conversation, and encourage authentic engagement to create impact. We do this by focusing on experience, which is a vector for emotion and a factor in lasting support.

Our commitment to growing our clients’ relational capital and to generating lasting conversations with their stakeholders is guided by four priorities: creativity, innovation, agility, and results. ​

To achieve this, we put our plans into action, as a partner to our clients and as an employer. We were the first PR agency to be awarded three stars for the Agences Actives CSR certification.


The Relational Economy; Simply Economics

In an era of social and digital transformation, we view the relational capital of brands, companies, and institutions as an asset.

Relational capital integrates an organization’s potential for interaction with its ecosystem and its ability to forge relationships, coalitions, and partnerships. It covers the field of corporate communications, focusing on industrial property, internal and external brand image, corporate culture, issues of ethical audience engagement, and crisis management.

For us, relational capital is part of an objective value chain. It embodies the company’s raison d’être, the trust of opinion leaders and their audiences, pride in belonging and controlled talent turnover, shareholder stability and increased stock market valuation, and capacity for investment and innovation.

We support our clients in the following areas:

  • Strategic Support & Reputation Management

Building reputation both over the long term and in the short term, from newsjacking to crisis management.

  • Influencer & Media Relationships

Developing strategies that put our clients at the heart of the conversation, maximizing their reputation and footprint in areas where they have legitimacy.

  • Owned + Earned + Paid

Defining an editorial approach based on new conversational codes, placing our clients on the front pages, increasing audiences through digital platforms, and generating feedback.

  • Social Media Management

Creating, developing, and increasing a decision-maker or company’s lasting footprint on social media

  • Broadcast

Boosting visibility in radio and TV media with a “push & pull” strategy.

Infiltrating new media spaces by building the targeted power of new written formats (podcasts, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, etc.) and social media accounts of radio and TV programs into influence strategies.

  • Content Strategy

Making a difference through engaging, long-lasting content that builds relationships with communities.

  • Monitoring & Analysis

Using a unique monitoring approach to identify key themes for a speech or business initiative and analyze its positioning.

  • Local Integration

Mobilizing local ecosystems to increase the impact of our contribution to local economies.

  • Leadership Support

Promoting a company’s vision through its leadership.

  • Media Training

Expressing yourself effectively to the media and mastering both your speech and the different formats of speech (press, TV, radio, social media).

Hopscotch is a certified training organization.

  • Crisis Management & Preparedness

Anticipation using a risk audit, training based on crisis scenarios, identifying a crisis unit and on-call teams by level of issue, implementing instant monitoring shared with the client, dashboards, live and ad hoc analyses with recommendations, language elements and questions/answers, spokesperson coaching, impact assessments, and advisory support to deal with reputational crisis situations.

  • Talks

Positioning as a specialist on a key theme and mobilizing ecosystems using cross-stakeholder action.

  • Masterclasses

Training key stakeholders on a subject that will shape the brand/organization, using educational presentations, third-party testimonials (clients, partners, developers, etc.), and a handbook, potentially supplemented by content for the media and social media, including a summary press release, infographics, video, opinion piece, long-form article, and so on.


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