Business France, the national public operator for international development of the French economy, entrusted Hopscotch with all services related to advice and the graphic and editorial production of its communication media.

Hopscotch’s Content & Design team was tasked with supporting the Promotion Communication Department and the Invest Department in promoting France’s economic attractiveness, its talents, its companies and its regions.

Business France wanted to promote the strength of French industry and change perceptions of it by inviting audiences to change their view of the sector.

Hopscotch Content & Design designed a tri-media project dedicated to French industry viewed through art. The project is based on a photographic art book entitled Immersion industrielle, un autre regard sur la France and looks at the journey of French industry. 5 photographers from France and abroad, selected for their traveller profile and their artistic approach, were given carte blanche to visit around ten companies in France and abroad. They strived to show French industry as it’s never been seen before, with its unusual and unexpected side.
Supported by a digital system that capitalises in particular on the high visibility of photographers on Instagram, the project also met a wide audience throughout 2018, at several exhibitions hosted in particular at the Grand Palais, the Hôtel de l’Industrie and the Hanover Fair.

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