Historic Success for the Usine Extraordinaire !

Hopscotch mustered all its expertise to design, organise and promote the Usine Extraordinaire.  This unique event, which took place from 22 to 25 November at the Grand Palais, brought together 40,500 visitors  of all ages and from all walks of life: the general public, professionals and schools from all over France, who came to discover the reality of the factory of today and tomorrow: innovative, collaborative, inspiring and inclusive.

Carla De Oliveira, deputy managing director of HOPSCOTCH Event:
“The Usine Extraordinaire is the meeting of two worlds that have remained too far apart: the factory and the company. In other words, how to rebuild strong links through events”

Bruno Grandjean, president of the Foundation Usine Extraordinaire:
“The best reward is seeing the amazement in the eyes of children and teenagers when they glimpse the wonderful world of the factory that they discovered over the past few days. I think that we may have awoken a great deal of vocations. We won our bet: to win back people’s imagination and boost the image of factories. I am also very pleased that we have managed to unite around a hundred mid-caps, SMEs and large groups for this wonderful project – not forgetting some forty educational, associative and institutional partners. What was born today thanks to the cooperation between all these actors must be continued tomorrow in all areas”.
A look back at this 1st historical event.


Key figures

▪️ 40,500 visitors, including 13,300 schoolchildren from 55 departments
▪️ 245 lectures and keynote speeches
▪️ 13 ministers
▪️ 200 student guides on 5 tours over 2 days
U-pro managed TV set techniques and streaming, in 4 days, providing rich audiovisual material: 4 days of live broadcasting, ​​​1 TV platform, 1 dome hosting speakers managed simultaneously, more than 30 hours of live shows, and more than 200 videos set up

Commitment of the officials
Many ministers and secretaries of state (including Bruno Le Maire, Muriel Pénicaud, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Agnès Pannier-Runacher), as well as some twenty ambassadors and representatives of embassies and members of parliament, visited the Usine Extraordinaire and chatted with the public.
By hosting the National Industry Council (CNI), chaired by Edouard Philippe, on the opening day, the event became the echo chamber for major political and economic issues. It was under the dome of the SHARE world that the 124 “industrial regions” benefiting from strategic investments were unveiled.



School pupils at the event
The ambition of the Foundation Usine Extraordinaire, under the aegis of FACE, is to reforge the links between factories and society – especially new generations.

Mission accomplished! Some 13,300 secondary school pupils guided by 200 engineering school students discovered a large-scale factory and met technicians, engineers and workshop managers. Manufacturers at the Fondation Usine Extraordinaire announced their commitment to offer 4,100 high-quality “initiation courses” to students in the 2nd year of secondary school

More than 100 sponsors mobilised
The Usine Extraordinaire event is the result of a group dynamic driven by 5 co-founding patrons: EDF, FIM (Federation of mechanical industries), the Fondation d’Entreprise Michelin, Sanofi and its partners, and the UIMM.

Joined by more than 100 patrons, over 20 media and educational partners, 500 speakers, hundreds of lectures and events over 4 days, the Usine Extraordinaire brought together the lifeblood of French industry at the Grand Palais.



A real show 
This event culminated with an electro mix by the artist, JACQUES, who electrified the great nave – followed by a festive and offbeat free fight oratory show on the theme of “Make France great again”. One dancer came to entertain the audience with an unexpected performance, moving through the 4 worlds of the event (INVENT, MANUFACTURE, CONNECT, SHARE).
Finally, the map on the façade of the Grand Palais, recounting 150 years of industrial revolutions and their leading figures, rounded off the event beautifully.

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