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Hopscotch Congrès Works for Accenture on the 8th Edition of DevOps D-Day Event

Hopscotch Congrès worked for Accenture, organizing the 8th annual Devops D-Day event, first created in 2015 by Accenture. Organizer of the event since 2021, Hopscotch Congrès has become its producer since the 8th edition in 2023.

This event brings together anybody from the IT world, passionate about development, Cloud, Docker, and open-source ecosystems. This allowed all types of profiles, such as CIOs, service managers, project managers, architects, Ops, developers, and more, from all over France and the world, to make connections with one another and meet up in one special place.

DevOps D-Day looks to push its participants in enhancing their skills in cutting-edge innovations in a convivial setting, through novelty tech conferences and talks.

In total, there more than 1,000 participants, 23 exhibitors, and 40 expert-interventions on Tech and IT matters!

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