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Hopscotch Sopexa Works for Inter Rhône (Rhône Valley Wines) With the German Podcast Terroir und Adiletten

Hopscotch Sopexa worked for Inter Rhône by tapping into the large existing audience of the Terroir und Adiletten podcast, Germany’s most popular wine podcast. The hosts and guest experts got a chance to share their passion and expertise in a casual setting.

The masterclass partnership was presented by the two regular hosts of the podcast, sommelier Willi and rapper Curly. Notable participants in the podcast included 2 Rhône winemakers, Isabelle Sourdon from Domaine des Lauribert and Maurice Goetschy from Chateau Boucarut.

The podcast was recorded & streamed live, with the hosts and 40 professionals, including sommeliers and chefs, giving their instant feedback and impressions of the wine.

The aim? To inform German consumers about the Côtes du Rhône region in an original and entertaining way and to introduce younger consumers to the diversity of the wines.

In total, 10,042 streams and downloads after 30 days, 65,000 touchpoints for podcast ads in TundA podcast feed, 57,329 accounts reached through social media extension in first week of publication.

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