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Hopscotch Sport & France Vélo Evénements Organize Gravel Fever Cycling Event

Hopscotch Sport organized the Gravel Fever event that took place from October 20 to 22, 2023, in Châtellerault, Poitou.

It’s the first ever 100% gravel bike festival organized by France Vélo Evénements, a subsidiary of the Hopscotch Groupe and the French Cycling Federation.

Over 1,000 participants could choose from six different routes, from 400km ultra tours to family outings and competitive activities. 20% of registrants were women, which is unusual for cycling events.

The 400km format brought together 80 starters from the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines national velodrome (future Olympic velodrome). Their aim was to reach Châtellerault without assistance, all whilst braving dreadful weather conditions! Matis Louvel (a pro rider from Arkéa-Samsic who rode the Tour de France 2023) finished first with 17 hours under his belt, out of 50 finishers.


Check out the video underneath:


This first edition of the event has already found its audience and is a great success – see you next time!