LA REF 2023: A Highly Successful Fifth Edition!

Huge success for the 2023 edition of the Rencontre des Entrepreneurs de France (Meeting of French Entrepreneurs), organized by Hopscotch Events for the fifth time!

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The teams were 100% committed to:

– Designing friendly, engaging open-air stages that facilitate interaction between speakers and listeners at the Longchamp Racecourse.

– Staging 30 debates and keynote speeches, bringing together more than 150 professionals on two different stages in two days, to discuss companies’ social and environmental commitment.

– Creating 1 village bringing together 83 partners, 1 TV set, 1 bookshop, and 1 food court to boost the REF 2023 experience.

– Organizing 1 large country-style dinner to continue meetings in a warm and informal way.

– Creating 1 charity bike race around the Longchamp cycling track in aid of the charity “Tout le monde contre le cancer” (Everybody Against Cancer).

– Producing an event designed with the environment at the fore, with NF ISO 20121 certification.

REF 2023 was both exciting and inspiring, and attracted over 10,000 visitors in two days. It was a landmark event in the country’s reopening of political and economic activity, putting everyone’s commitment back at the heart of the entrepreneurial challenges of today and tomorrow!