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France Vélo Evènements, the new subsidiary of the French Cycling Federation and Hopscotch will announce 2024 calendar in coming few weeks, including Haute Route events


LAUSANNE, Switzerland – Haute Route has today announced it will be entering a new phase alongside France Vélo Evènements (FVE), the new subsidiary of the French Cycling Federation and Hopscotch who will become the operators and promoters for all Haute Route events in France beginning in 2024.

The aim of the new company, FVE, is to create, promote or develop cycling events for all types of amateur cyclists through a combination of the French Cycling Federation’s expertise in cycling races and the know-how of Hopscotch to deliver one-of-a-kind events. FVE is committed to providing cycling enthusiasts incredible event experiences at Haute Route events in France.


Eric Conrad, CEO of France Vélo Evénements: “We are very proud to become the organizer and promoter of Haute Route in France for the next years. We thank the team for its confidence. The Haute Route cyclists are incredible cycling lovers, and we will work hard to keep the high standard of this worldwide recognized brand.”

Michel Callot, President of the French Cycling Federation: “The French Cycling Federation has decided to join its forces with Hopscotch to build an ambitious cycling events calendar, bringing the best of both entities. After the launch of Gravel Fever at the end of 2023 October, reuniting more than 800 gravel riders, we look forward working on new prestigious events such as Haute Route. Promoting Haute Route is a new challenge that completely fits FVE strategy.”

Frédéric Bedin, President of Hopscotch: “Haute Route is a prestigious brand. Hopscotch is used to working for famous brands and events in France and abroad. We are very pleased to have this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide the experience of a lifetime to cycling enthusiasts.”


More information on the 2024 calendar will be provided by FVE in the coming weeks.

Haute Route race locations outside of France are currently being reviewed for additional partnership opportunities for 2024 and beyond.

For more information on Haute Route, please visit www.hauteroute.org. Media inquiries can be directed to media@hauteroute-group.com.


About Haute Route

Born in the mountains in 2011 and raised on the road, Haute Route® is driven by a passion for soaring heights and personal feats, paving the way to the best experience of people’s lives. By participating in Haute Route events, cyclists can ride like a pro with multi-stage events held in iconic cycling destinations. The Haute Route provides unrivalled support and service at a professional level and is designed to give riders a challenging, immersive, and premium experience. This is made possible through a high standard of hospitality in addition to attention to detail, which together guarantees an experience akin to a professional racing circuit. In 2024, Haute Route enters a new chapter through a partnership with the French Cycling Federation and its subsidiary France Vélo Evènements (FVE) to operate and promote Haute Route events in France. Haute Route is owned by The IRONMAN Group, the world’s leader in endurance sports with a global portfolio of hundreds of events across 55+ countries. For more information, visit www.hauteroute.org.


A propos de France Vélo Evénements

FVE is an event subsidiary created by the French Cycling Federation and Hopscotch. Born from the desire to integrate all cycling practices into its activity, as well as leisure, mobility and competition, this company allows Hopscotch to complement the skills of the French Cycling Federation and its many organizing clubs, with the aim to value better its events to partners and fans, and to have a more inclusive approach.