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HOPSCOTCH Décideurs, a HOPSCOTCH Groupe agency, has been awarded the “RSE Agences Actives” label, created by the AACC, AFNOR Certification and the SCRP. This distinction, awarded with 3 stars in January 2024, rewards HOPSCOTCH Décideurs’ responsible practices, particularly in terms of transparency, ethics, and data protection.

Created in 2018, the “Agences Actives” label certifies agencies whose practices stand out according to four major criteria: vision and governance, performance of services, human resources and social aspects, and the agency’s environmental impact. It currently rewards 102 consulting agencies in France, including 22 from the Syndicat du Conseil en Relations Publics (SCRP), for exemplary and innovative CSR practices.

Patricia CHAPELOTTE, Managing Director of HOPSCOTCH Décideurs, comments: “We help decision-makers build impactful communications based on network intelligence and knowledge of circles of influence. Our challenge is to reveal the social utility of companies, organizations and their leaders, through the interaction and engagement of conversations with their communities, and through the creation of content that conveys positive values, useful for public debate. We are honored by this label, which confirms the teams’ enthusiastic commitment to communications that are more in tune with today’s societal and environmental challenges.”

Benoît DESVEAUX, Managing Director of HOPSCOTCH Groupe, affirms: “The HOPSCOTCH Décideurs label reaffirms the concrete, sustainable commitment of the group, a pioneer in responsible communications. We are proud to have 6 agencies within the group with the Agences Actives CSR label, which attests to our ongoing efforts to move our consulting businesses in the right direction, as well as to contribute to our customers’ transformation.”

HOPSCOTCH Décideurs’ CSR commitment is based on the group’s approach, particularly in regard to the challenges of reducing the carbon footprint of its activities. This is reflected in concrete initiatives such as promoting diversity and inclusion within its teams and service providers, as well as running pro-bono projects for associative structures.