HOPSCOTCH Groupe and ES Global announce a strategic partnership to deliver major events

HOPSCOTCH, an international communication group and ES Global, a British company with expertise in demountable overlay and infrastructure, announce a strategic partnership.

Major and bespoke events are ‘the raison d’être’ for this partnership

This partnership, marks a new step in the strategic and international development of both companies, allowing HOPSCOTCH and ES Global to target creating, producing and delivering major events.

ES Global is one of the leading companies supplying demountable overlay and infrastructure. From artists’ world tours to opening ceremonies of international sporting events, ES Global provides innovative and creative solutions for structures, stages, and temporary infrastructure. This partnership reflects how HOPSCOTCH Groupe views the future and by developing the relationship with ES Global, HOPSCOTCH Groupe will be able to extend their world class skillset to a wider and more diverse audience.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with HOPSCOTCH Groupe. The partnership will allow the companies to talk to our clients about full project delivery right from the very start of the process allowing creativity to be delivered in a safe and sustainable way.” – Jeff Burke and Olly Watts, directors of ES Global

HOPSCOTCH Groupe and ES Global, are a complementary combination

The complementary nature of their respective skills will enable HOPSCOTCH Groupe and ES Global to provide a global response, from creative concept to final delivery of almost any project.


Sustainability; a primary concern

Initiated in 2003, HOPSCOTCH accelerated its sustainability approach in 2011 by extending the principle of eco-design to the majority of its events and in 2018 by implementing an ambitious Zero Waste programme with its partners. On August 27th, during the MEDEF’s LaREF 2020 meeting, HOPSCOTCH received its 13th ISO20121 for its responsible management system.

Pre-cycling is at the heart of ES Global’s business approach by envisaging – before production – how proposed structures will be re-used. As evidence of this commitment, ES Global received in 2013 and 2018 the ISO14001 certification for its environmental management system.