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Insight, (re)BOOST, HopCAST: HOPSCOTCH PR’s 3 new levers for brands seeking acceleration

HOPSCOTCH PR strengthens its offer in the service of Relational Capital

Hopscotch PR, whose business expertise is organized around four main pillars (Innovation, Corporate, Challenging Brands and Purposeful brands), announces three new offers to support the transformation of brands, companies and organizations. Conceived as visibility and awareness gas pedals by three seniors of the agency, these approaches aim at activating the Relational Capital of Hopscotch PR’s clients: Insight answers their challenges around the raison d’être and the contents, (re)BOOST favors the (re)conquest of audiences through offbeat activations and HopCAST reaffirms the leadership of the agency on audiovisual media, by integrating the new formats adapted to social networks

In the context of the transformation of the media and communication professions, Hopscotch PR reinforces its fundamentals for the benefit of the Relational Capital of its clients and entrusts Sabine Doligé, Perrine Levassort and Alexia Poupard with the newly created mission of Business Leaders. From June onwards, the three of them will offer customized support to brands and organizations wishing to make the most of the relaunch, in addition to the Str!ke collective intelligence offer led by Laurence Malençon, Hopscotch’s Director of Innovation.

“In 2020, we have made our expertise clearer through the implementation of a governance structure focused on our clients’ communication challenges. By creating the Innovation, Corporate, Challenging Brands and Purposeful Brands pillars, we have given our Partners the mission of integrating their issues in a logic of relationship with all audiences, in an ecosystem. In 2021, we are deepening this support by offering those who wish to do so offers that accompany the life cycle of the brand: from its birth to its reinvention, always with the concern of amplification on short times, but also in “long tail” to new formats such as the podcast”, says Charles-Antoine Colomb, Managing Director of Hopscotch PR.

“In this period of reinvention, we want to give our teams the opportunity to co-construct the Hopscotch PR offer, and to assert more than ever the consulting dimension that makes us “ecosystem designers”. We are convinced that PR is at the heart of opportunities for companies and brands in a context of uncertainty. Through their ability to identify, strengthen and protect relational capital, our businesses promote the creation of effective value and commitment to authentic relationships over time. These new offers are both a proposal to the market and a managerial gesture marked by the period we are living”, says Cécile Granat, Managing Director of Hopscotch PR.


The new 3 offers in a few words

  • Insight

Led by Sabine Doligé, Senior Account Director for corporate and multi-actor content, Insight is a unique support to define the DNA of an organization and its raison d’être to be able to weave sustainable links with its ecosystem and establish its leadership (affinity storytelling to mobilize its stakeholders, monitoring of societal trends, new content …)

  • (re)BOOST

Created by Perrine Levassort, Senior Account Director specializing in innovative brands and creative tactics, (re)BOOST is an offer dedicated to brands that want to accelerate and integrate new conversations through creative, tactical approaches in line with current social issues (conversational diagnosis, partnership activation, launch on a new social platform, etc.).

  • HopCAST

Designed by Alexia Poupard, historical director of Hopscotch PR’s Broadcast offer, HopCAST is positioned as an “augmented broadcast” to boost the visibility of brands in radio and TV media and to speak in new media spaces by integrating the power of new forms of writing (podcasts, Youtube, Twitch…) and the social networks of radio and TV hosts into influence strategies.