La relation le nouvel or des entreprises

Our book, The relationship, the new gold of companies, is now available !

With The relationship, the new gold of companies, we introduce you our vision of the transformation of communication in a collective work edited by Frédéric Bedin, Benoît Désveaux and Laurence Malençon.

Outside the usual canons of managerial literature, “The Relationship, the new gold of companies”, presents the singular vision that Hopscotch has of communication today, in an innovative format. Frédéric Bedin and Benoît Désveaux, co-founders and directors of the group, asked Laurence Malençon, director of innovation and strategic planning, to apply her collective intelligence approach to gather contributions from Hopscotch’s talents around a new vision of a key element of communication, the relationship. Rather than talking about targets and tactics, investment and financial performance, Hopscotch proposes to think about brands and organisations through their ecosystem, with the ambition of accompanying and developing sustainable relationships with its stakeholders. This is where the value lies, an unknow relationshipcapital, which constitutes “the new gold of companies”.

“Communicators have the chance to create infinite value,the relationships are priceless assets for people and organisations, and we know how to multiply them without having to share them. This is why we believe that our job is a mission to serve others”, explains Frédéric Bedin, co-founder and Chairman of the Management Board of Hopscotch Groupe.

“This book is part of a process initiated in 2017 to formalise our raison d’être around the concept of Relational Capital. The objective of this book was to share our vision of communication through a real survey conducted by Laurence Malençon and about forty employees of the Hopscotch Group and to defend our vision of the relationship economy in terms of relational capital. This work is also pragmatic and questions the effectiveness of the relational capital in the face of the crisis we are going through, and gives keys to understanding”, explains Benoît Désveaux, co-founder, Managing Director and member of the Management Board of Hopscotch Groupe.

“Collective intelligence is, along with digital, one of the foundations that communication needs in order to transform itself,” explains Laurence Malençon, Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation for Hopscotch. “We need to give importance to real conversation and enriching interactions and propose a quality of interaction inside and outside the company. Relational communication will not be consensual communication, which is a good thing. »

Contents: 1. The communication, from Edward Bernays to Frédéric Laloux – 2. Searching the quantum communication – 3. Community marketing – 4. The relations with specific audiences – 5. The relationship capital – 6. Relationships in the digital age and artificial intelligence – 7. Commitment – 8. The collective intelligence of relational ecosystems – 9. The contributing company.

« La relation, le nouvel or des entreprises » is available in French here