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Hopscotch PR mixes the codes of consulting and e-commerce with Shop Hopscotch

Hopscotch PR presents Shop Hopscotch, a site that displays the essence of its consulting services in the form of deliverables or packs from a single platform, with a name that is not forgotten. The agency is accelerating its positioning at the service of its clients’ relational capital and is making this known through a new showcase, Shop Hopscotch, which enhances each stage of the communication process for brands and organisations. Reputation monitoring and radar, message platform, digital forum and editorialization, training in speaking in the media and on social networks, talk or crisis communication: each service is accessible in a few clicks and allows the client to anticipate the best budget for the best level of collaboration desired, more quickly.

True to its history as an innovative agitator, Hopscotch PR is changing the codes of the PR customer journey and presenting the essentials of its offer in the manner of an e-commerce site. Entry price, description of the service, embodied expertise, all the information is available on Shop Hopscotch in order to take the plunge and meet the agency’s teams for a one-off or recurring collaboration.

“With Shop Hopscotch, we wish to renew our way of presenting ourselves, to affirm the transparency which contributes to the loyalty of our customers and to save time to those who hesitate to join us, or do not have in mind the evolution of our offer. Thanks to this platform, everyone can compose and anticipate the package of services that suits them at Hopscotch PR”, explains Charles-Antoine Colomb, Managing Director of Hopscotch PR.

“With Shop Hopscotch, which is spelled the way it sounds, collaboration can start much faster, the main thing for us being to put together the right team according to the needs and culture of the client. The “chemistry meeting”, which values our talents and our agency culture, replaces here the often very frustrating competition process, and allows us to concentrate on the creation of value for our customers, the whole with a name which one does not forget! “, adds Cécile Granat, Managing Director of Hopscotch PR.

Shop Hopscotch allows everyone to put together their own PR basket through some twenty offers and packages. What budget should you budget for a message platform, media training or social media support? What does Hopscotch offer to help a company, an organisation, an institution to emerge in the conversations? How to identify, boost and protect its relational capital in calm times or in crisis situations? From the analysis of digital governance to the CSR risk recommendation note, from the message platform to the reputational Radar proposal, from media training to the organisation of talks, the Hopscotch Shop window allows to establish a contract of trust with the agency before the first meeting, to better focus on the human aspect and the consulting value.