Cécile Granat
Managing Director of Hopscotch PR

As Deputy Managing Director, Cécile Granat manages the PR teams, promotes Hopscotch’s commercial influence, and designs creative and effective influence strategies for clients.

Cécile began by studying philosophy, which led her to Paris. She enjoyed the logical rigor and open-mindedness of the subject, and found a particular interest in the impact of science on our representation of the world. But it was business instead of teaching, that she chose in the end. After a Master’s degree in Public Relations from CELSA University, and a brief time at Sanofi, she was recruited in 1994 by the Grey group’s PR agency. This was how she found herself at the American school. “The business of ‘public relations’ and its methods were invented in the U.S., whereas in France we still preferred address books. Similarly, the emphasis is on professionalism and individual potential rather than on background or network: I liked that.”

She joined Hopscotch in 2006 as Associate Director. Her passionate expertise around company and brand transformation, and her keen grasp of the ongoing digital revolution, have led her to work with major accounts such as Microsoft France, and innovative service companies such as Talentsoft, OUI.sncf, Oney, and Nexity, both in France and at global level.

“I enjoy tackling complex issues with a high rate of information. This demands high standards, a sense of stepping sideways, and of course teamwork, at the heart of the energy.” The challenge is engaging stakeholders in an impactful and carefully chosen conversation with clients.

Reading gives Cécile that rare feeling that time has stopped. She also enjoys talking about philosophy with her student son.