Carla de Oliveira
Deputy Managing Director of Hopscotch Event

Carla de Oliveira has been Deputy Managing Director since 2017 and leads the Hopscotch Event teams. She draws on her experience of events and activation to work with her clients and create powerful, relevant relationship strategies for each of their audiences.

Carla discovered the events industry by chance in 1999 during a work placement at the end of her studies with none other than Le Public Système – the future Hopscotch. After getting a Master’s degree in International Business Negotiation from Sorbonne University, Carla had set her sights on a career in marketing, but was immediately won over by the agency’s way of doing things. “I liked the boldness, the creativity, the autonomy, and the youthfulness that inspired and continue to inspire Hopscotch culture,” she says.

She quickly found her place and has continued to hold different positions, first as Client Director, then Head of Consulting, and finally Associate Director in 2010. Her clients include Microsoft, Lidl, Mercedes, SNCF, and the Paris Chamber of Notaries. She also has gained considerable expertise in promoting fields such as crafts and new industrial trades, in collaboration with professional unions, and ministerial agencies.

“I love my job because there’s always something different,” says Carla. “Between client needs, the latest technological innovations and the spirit of the times, you never do the same thing twice!” She may remain “undecided” about what it means to deploy to achieve an objective, but she still champions the virtues of events. “It is a powerful medium in terms of emotions and relationships and is gaining a great deal of resonance thanks to the digital world,” she says.

Outside of Hopscotch, Carla enjoys losing herself in a good novel – preferably a detective story – and visiting major exhibitions with her two children.