Olivier Cassedanne
Managing Director of Hopscotch Conferences

At the head of Hopscotch conferences, Olivier Cassedanne leads a team of around forty staff, offering each of their clients truly remarkable events, ranging from knowledge sharing and business networking events.

Olivier originally thought he would end up in the music business. With a degree from ISEG business school in his pocket, his penchant for event organisation – the stage, an audience -led to him becoming an organiser for BCA medical conferences. He discovered the idea of symposiums dedicated to progress in the health industry: “It was a pleasure to meet these health professionals, who were humble yet extraordinary, and to help them spread their research and improve care provision. “

In 2000, his desire for an entrepreneurial adventure led him to buy shares in BCA. He then joined Public System, later to become Hopscotch, in 2006 as he wanted the opportunity to grow and reach beyond the health sector.

Hopscotch conferences counts the French federation for Wind Energy, The Francophone Society of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation and also Novartis Laboratories among their most loyal clients. Today, however, they also organise events for a number of federations, associations and professional groups. According to Olivier, the teams working on events are still motivated by the same principles: “creating the perfect conditions to encourage progress for our clients and their communities.”

Olivier likes to spend his free time with his wife, their three daughters , and his electric guitar. He can also be found at modern art exhibitions on a sports court or in the stands at a rugby stadium.