Our belief is that, whether digital, hybrid, or live, events are an essential factor in building the relational capital of a brand, company, or institution. We have always been committed to designing events that nurture, cultivate, and grow this relationship. Our events engage audiences of all kinds, making this relationship real, tangible, and vibrant. Our strong and long-standing commitment to social, economic, and environmental responsibility drives us to come up with the best solutions for you, for us, and for the planet.

We are multi-specialists in event-driven communication, working with clients from all sectors on all types of event programs, in France and around the world.

Our 60-strong pool of talent can analyze, design, advise, and produce. Among them are strategic planners giving direction, artistic and creative directors who dream, producers who make things happen, business experts who optimize, project teams who lead, and more.

We can help you meet all your challenges, whether it’s boosting your relationship ecosystem, developing your business, accelerating your transformation, stimulating pride in belonging, enhancing a launch, or bringing a brand experience to life.