Multi-player projects

A Specificity of Hopscotch Group, multi-stakeholder programmes are tailored, agile and adaptive communication and mobilisation programmes that enable communities driven by the same challenge to come together under a single banner.

Constantly on the look-out, the multi-player task force takes action on key issues in social innovation, such as combating climate change with COP21 solutions, giving the industry a new face with the Extraordinary Factory and passing good tastes and food on to new generations at the Week of Tastes.

These are programmes in which a group of players (public and private, start-ups, large corporations, SMEs, associations, etc.) come together to make content available, plan sessions and make their messages heard through the media.

From this new and unique form of interaction come economies of scale, new solutions for taking on societal challenges, business opportunities and many other assets that make these programmes an ingenious way of building relationships with your audiences.


Hopscotch – Programmes Multiacteurs