Multi-stakeholder programs are a Hopscotch Groupe specialty. Our communication and mobilization programs are tailor-made, agile, and adaptive, enabling communities that share the same challenge to come together under the same banner.

Our multi-stakeholder unit is constantly monitoring and involved in societal innovation issues such as the fight against climate change with COP21 Solutions, revitalizing industry with the Usine Extraordinaire (Extraordinary Factory) exhibition, and promoting taste and eating well with the Semaine du Goût (Flavour Week).

These programs bring together a wide range of players including public and private players, start-ups, major groups, SMEs, associations, and so on, who work together to provide content, organize meetings, and communicate their messages in the media.

These new interactions generate economies of scale, new solutions for tackling societal challenges, business opportunities, and many other assets, all of which make these programs a clever way to build relationships with your audiences.