STR!KE is Hopscotch’s own creative, 360°, inclusive method for rapidly creating original and ambitious campaigns with you.

We believe that working with you in innovative workshops is the best way to build effective, original campaigns that reflect who you are!

To do so, we design and run collective intelligence workshops that draw on all of Hopscotch’s sector and business expertise.

We create collective intelligence workshops for all types of marketing and communication issues, such as how to save time by building on solid foundations.

We can help you build your positioning, your brand platform, and your roadmap by working on the fundamentals of your campaign beforehand.


Launch or how to reinvent and break new ground with your campaign.

We can help you reinvent yourself and come up with original campaigns by building innovative communications operations and 360° campaigns with our PR, events, and digital experts.


Onboard, or how to mobilize around a project and speed up decision-making.

We can help you to unite and build your 360° communication campaigns in collaboration with your ecosystem by aligning points of view and by creating as one team.