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Hopscotch PR Supports eBay in France to Facilitate the Resale of Christmas Gifts

During this campaign, Hopscotch PR helped eBay strengthen its position as an observatory of consumer trends in France. eBay’s Christmas gift resale event made headlines in the national and regional general media, reflecting the new consumer behaviors of the French at this pivotal time, marked by inflation and budgetary caution. eBay thus proved that it was a key player in protecting the purchasing power of the French, while advocating more reasoned consumption.

In all, more than 25 interviews were organized, including 22 in the audiovisual media, and the campaign generated 425 publications, a volume up by more than 60% on the 2022 edition.

Since 2022, Hopscotch PR has been working alongside eBay to organize the (re)launch of the eBay brand and help make it the preferred brand of the French, in line with current expectations in terms of purchasing power and sustainable, responsible consumption.