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Hopscotch Europe Does PR Campaign for Hasbro Pulse Across 5 European Markets

From March to December 2023, Hopscotch Europe worked for Hasbro Pulse, promoting the brand as the ultimate digital fan destination, in 5 different markets: Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France. Hopscotch Europe’s multi-national team operated in Dublin working closely with the Hasbro Pulse PR team based in the UK.

Hopscotch Europe’s goal for Hasbro Pulse was to consolidate and grow their media visibility amongst toy collectors, develop coverage opportunities in non-niche media publications such as entertainment, lifestyle, and general news outlets, generate a constant flow of media coverage during the year, and leverage Hasbro Pulse’s participation in industry events to create media interest and increase brand awareness in relevant markets.

In total, the teams managed to secure over 500 pieces of coverage, 44 collaborations with influencers leading to a result of a 29M reach in social media users and a production of 81 pieces of coverage. Teams delivered Tier 1 clippings & reached an audience of more than 6 billion across all markets. Thanks to this successful outcome, Hasbro Pulse decided to continue its collaboration with Hopscotch Europe onto new markets such as Belgium, Ireland, Poland, and The Netherlands.

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