Hopscotch Sopexa Elaborates Cross-branding Strategy for AMS (Australian Macadamias) in South Korea

Hopscotch Sopexa elaborated a campaign for AMS to emphasize the Australian origin of the brand, that “macadamia nuts are native to Australia”. Teams worked on the tone of voice and branding, identifying a solid consumer base and partner brands.

The major operation of the campaign was to decorate the store with an “Australian Macadamia Forest” feel, with customized menus allowing customers to pick and choose three unique macadamia flavors, as well as the opportunity for them to peel off macadamia shells, as an extra activity.

In total, the client’s Instagram (@australianmacadamiaskr) gained +1,000 followers with an extra reach of 46,000 people, and their sales rate increased 32%.