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Hopscotch PR Awarded Three stars for the “Agences Actives CSR” Certification

Hopscotch PR is the first PR agency to achieve the three-star “Agences Actives CSR” certification (AACC – SCRP).

As designers of relational ecosystems, Hopscotch PR has been awarded a score of 90/100 and the highest level of “Agences Actives CSR” certification by the Association des Agences-Conseil en Communication (AACC – Association of Communication Agencies), SCRP (Union of PR Consultants), and AFNOR Certification.

“Agences Actives CSR” certification is based on the international ISO 26000 standard and certifies Hopscotch PR’s CSR commitments for two years. It’s based on four criteria: vision and governance, performance of services, human resources and social aspects, and environmental impact. This label distinguishes three levels of maturity in a consultancy agency’s CSR policy, and Hopscotch PR has become the first PR agency to obtain the “Expert” certification, the maximum number of stars for responsible governance.

Cécile Granat and Charles-Antoine Colomb, Managing Directors of Hopscotch PR, commented:

“We, and all of the agency’s staff, are very proud of this ‘Agences Actives CSR’ certification, whose high standards and visibility help to promote our best practices serving the community and our clients, both now and in the future. The 90/100 rating that comes with this certification means that we must set an example for all our stakeholders. We do this by abiding by the vision of relationship capital that guides our day-to-day actions.”

Benoît Désveaux, Managing Director of Hopscotch Groupe, noted:

“Achieving three stars in the ‘Agences Actives CSR’ certification marks a new stage in the structuring of Hopscotch Groupe’s approach to progress. We are pioneers in responsible communication. This certification helps recognize the positive social and environmental impact of our consultancy activities, and the value of the people behind them. The work carried out jointly by AFNOR, AACC, and CPRS gives this certification unique significance, committing us to being even more exemplary and responsible when implementing and disseminating good practice. This collective and rigorous effort, once again certified by the ‘Agences Actives CSR’ certification, is the key to an essential transition that we will continue to actively lead.”

The “Agences Actives CSR” certification has been adapted to the PR profession by the Syndicat du Conseil en Relations Publics (Union of PR Consultants), based on the certification created by the AACC (Association of Communication Agencies).

In June 2022, Hopscotch Groupe was awarded the EcoVadis Platinum medal, which recognizes the top 1% of companies with the best CSR performance out of all companies assessed by EcoVadis.