Wine Trade Monitor, a study decrypting the next world wine trends

The study Wine Trade Monitor 2019 helps understand and anticipate wine market evolution and major trends. Last week, Sopexa presented an overview of the study’s results. This international study was conducted by Sopexa in collaboration with Wine Paris, a leading international wine industry event.


What is the Wine Trade Monitor ?

A survey including a diverse panel representative of the major players in the world wine industry : 984 importers, wholesalers and retailers took part in the survey and shared their vision on the evolution of the market and future trends set to impact sales over the next two-year period.

In 2019, the study focuses on seven key markets : Belgium, Canada, Japan, China-Kong Kong, mainland China, the UK and the USA.

What topics are covered by the Wine Trade Monitor ?

The survey focused on the origins of the wines referenced by professionals, the sales growth scopes anticipated by operators, perceived image of different countries of origin, perceived image of different countries of origin, market dynamics of different categories including grape varieties and regions.


Interest to know more about this study ? Contact us

Let’s meet at WINE PARIS on 10th February 2020, 10h30 am, Hall 6 for a « Wine Talk » dedicated to the WINE TRADE MONITOR « Key worldwide trends in 2020-2021 in 7 markets : Belgium, China-Mainland, China-Kong Kong, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, USA »