Frédéric Bedin
Managing Director and Chair of the Board of Directors of Hopscotch Groupe

Frédéric Bedin is the co-founder, Managing Director and Chair of the Board of Directors of Hopscotch Groupe. He uses his sense of creative strategy and taste for disruptive business to advise clients directly.

Frédéric, along with Benoît Désveaux and two other partners, founded Délires in 1986 while studying finance and cultural management at the University of Dauphine.

Built from the ground up, the agency soon took off organizing parties and cultural events, standing out from the crowd in what was to become known as the “events” sector. “We had neither the desire nor the means to copy our competitors,” explains Frédéric. “So, we did things differently.”

Hopscotch has become the leading global PR group in France thanks to its ambitious cocktail mix of marketing, events, and new technologies. It is constantly being reinvented. A key step in the Hopscotch Groupe’s success story was a meeting with Lionel Chouchan, who had been revolutionizing PR at Promo 2000 since 1968. The two agencies merged in 1993 to form Le Public Système. Frédéric’s favorite saying is, “We’re always waiting for good news”; he convinced his partners to float the company on the stock market in 1998 to give it the resources it needed to achieve its ambitions. Over the years, they have also integrated some of the best agencies on the market, including Sagarmatha, Heaven, and Hopscotch, to better serve their clients thanks to innovative communications focused on community marketing. The group rebranded as Hopscotch in 2015, giving its international development strategy greater substance. This strategy took a new turn with the acquisition of a stake in Sopexa.

In his free time, Frédéric enjoys exploring Paris or the mountains on his bike, wandering around museums, and cross-country skiing.