Pierre-Franck Moley
Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Sopexa

Pierre-Franck Moley is Associate Managing Director and sits on the Board of Directors. He is responsible for leading Hopscotch Groupe’s growth and consolidation strategy. He also oversees HR, IT, and finance.

In 1999 Pierre-Franck agreed to come and support the group’s directors – and old friends – Frédéric Bedin and Benoît Désveaux, with their flotation on the stock market. He joined the venture permanently the following year and became a partner.

Pierre-Franck holds a Master’s degree in finance from Assas University, and prior to joining the Hopscotch Groupe, spent three years as a consultant at Ernst & Young, working in auditing and mergers and acquisitions. He also spent an enjoyable six years running an industrial electrical company in the Vosges. His solid expertise in financial strategy, “can-do” attitude, ability to take calculated risks, and taste for human adventure have all contributed to the group’s growth. He also devised the Hopscotch Groupe’s agencies coming together in a single building with an innovative, collaborative design in the Bourse area of Paris. Today, he is committed to ensuring the long-term future of Hopscotch and its international influence.

Pierre-Franck enjoys spending time in nature to recharge his batteries. You will find him at his home in Sologne, looking after his beehives, harvesting forest honey, planting, and caring for his trees.