Valérie Bonnement
Deputy General Manager of Hopscotch Groupe and Member of the Management Board of Sopexa

Deputy General Manager, Valérie is in direct relationship with clients, and manages the group’s communication. She is committed to enhance collaboration between the agencies, she picks out the “dream teams” for each project in order to deliver the best results.

Valérie’s first internship was in 1987 at Délires, it had just been founded and was still operating in a garage. Everything had to be created from scratch and Valérie took her duties very seriously. She has been in the agency ever since, which became Le Public Système, then HOPSCOTCH Groupe in 2015.

Valérie, however, loving a new challenge, changed roles every 3 to 4 years to truly get a full understanding of the Global PR business. As an Event Director in 1995, she coordinated the Sony Dream World. Valérie still remembers her great collaboration with Claude Berri for the relaunch of his Germinal Foundation.

From 2001, Valérie was in charge of the commercial development as well as the media relations of the Group. She secured the welcoming and integration of our new agencies such as Sagarmatha, Hopscotch or heaven.

Since 2016, Valérie has been Member of the Management Board of the international agency Sopexa that Hopscotch allied with. She contributes mostly to the strategy of international development of the group and hence the next page of our history book.

Valérie is engaged in the association 20 ans 1 Project (20 years, 1 project) supporting young adults hit by sickness during their professional project.

During her free time she wanders between “culture and agriculture”, she says, exhibitions, local markets and friendly dinners.