BODYGUARD, a big one against the hate online

How to pre-empt a sensible subject when we are challenger? Last spring, during lockdown and when cyberbullying was increasing of 60%, Bodyguard chose Hopscotch PR to accompany its growth in France and in the world and affirm its vocation as a first application to fight against the cyberbullying besides media and influencers.  

 Hopscotch mobilized its experience in the accompanying of start-ups in France and from France to international, and its expertise on innovation and society stakes registers, to become the PR agency of Bodyguard.
At the time of this meeting, Charles Cohen, the founder of Bodyguard had already been interviewed in big medias, and the young French entrepreneur was counting its members among politics and influencers. It was welcoming its second collaborator, with the ambition to strongly increase its growth in 2020. 
To surpass the temporary editorial mark of a great startup and contribute to position Bodyguard in the platform areas where cyberbullying laws are being decided, Hopscotch PR recommended a double approach, mixing relationship’s capital development and affirmation of a unique vision of technology at the service of human.  

Become unmissable on cyberbullying, increase media-friendly and relational pression  

The agency capitalized on existing conversation around cyberbullying to enroll Bodyguard at the heart of the debate every time its possible. Hopscotch set upin addition to classic services and brand actualities valorization program, a newsjacking approach, based on monitoring subjects associated with Bodyguard: news and regulatory debates around cyberbullying, but also innovation and Artificial Intelligence. Hopscotch PR also accompanied Charles Cohen, CEO and Founder of Bodyguard, in the development of a network of allies among relevant stakeholders in its ecosystem.  

Preempt a communication territory and affirm its vision  

Once fundamentals and visibility rhythms are set down, Hopscotch recommended to Bodyguard the organization of a masterclass around cyberbullying. The “challenging brands” teams have therefore transformed the position of Bodyguard into opportunity for voices over platforms: whatever the size of the company, as long as the contribution to the debate is relevant. In the context of a new lockdown, the agency gathered twentyish influencers and journalists, November 4th, around authentic testimonies shared in live via Teams. The event was the day before the national anti bullying at school day, in order to favorize a mediatic impact, in addition to the educative and relational format. Big medias such as AFPFrance Info or Le Figaro were and published on Bodyguard, innovations and technologies media were also here and the speaking influencers mobilized their communities which represented around 300 000 followers both on Twitter and Instagram. Mounir Mahjoubi, who was one of the witness of the morning, enlist by the agency, extend its conversation with Charles Cohen the day after, on an Instagram live.  

Accompany the development of Bodyguard to the international 
In order to reinforce the development of Bodyguard on American market, the agency called on an international team based in Dublin. Teams from Paris and Dublin worked in synergy around the launching of the application in the USA, during the CES event which was fully digital this year. This mission allowed to increase the cover in French and English medias with around Thirtyish press fallout including France 24BFM BusinessLe Monde and even the grail… Techcrunch